François Molinié

François Molinié

A graduate of the University of Paris 2 (M.Phil in public economic law, Masters in public and private law), François Molinié is a barrister at the Conseil d’Etat and the Cour de cassation. He was previously a member of the Paris Bar and former first secretary of the conférence du stage des avocats aux conseils [Conference of Pupil Advocates at the Conseil d’Etat and Cour de cassation].

He is the President of the Bar Association at the Conseil d’Etat and the Cour de cassation.

Vice-Chairman of the Société de législation compare [Society of Comparative Law], he was also a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris-IV).

François Molinié has taught as part of the supervised work of the Institut de Formation et de Recherches des Avocats [Training and Research Institute for Lawyers] at the Conseil d’Etat and the Cour de cassation, and each year at the University he leads training sessions devoted to French and European supreme jurisdictions. He regularly participates in colloquia and conferences, e.g., recently, “La justice prédictive” [Predictive justice], a colloquium organised by the Bar Association at the Conseil d’Etat and the Cour de cassation, Les entretiens du contentieux [Litigation talks] on “La régulation” [Regulation] organised by the Conseil d’Etat and “confiance et droit public” [trust and public law] organised by the University of Paris 1. In 2018, he coordinated the work of the french société de législation comparée (public action section) on “the fight against terrorism and fundamental rights in comparative law”. He is the author of the redrafted volumes devoted to “cassation” and “appeal” in the Dalloz encyclopaedia “pratique du contentieux administratif” [administrative litigation practice].

He advises and represents public entities and private individuals mainly before the Conseil constitutionnel, the Conseil d’Etat, the Cour de cassation, and all administrative courts and independent administrative authorities.

He regularly appears before the European courts (Court of Justice of the European Union and European Court of Human Rights) as well as before the Supreme Court and the Court of Revision of the Principality of Monaco.

François Molinié is particularly solicited in economic law, for example in litigation relating to the regulation of economic activities (competition, audio-visual, energy, transport, etc.). He is very attached to the vision provided by the cross-disciplinary practice of constitutional, European, public, criminal and private law.


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